11 Justin Bieber Moments That Would Make Me Pee My Pants At The VMAs

emilee lindner, MTV.com
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As our weak hearts are well aware — Justin Bieber is performing at the 2015 MTV Video Awards, and we’ve only begun to visualize what his glorious rendition of “What Do You Mean?” will be like come Sunday night. Justin isn’t dropping any hints online (or to us), so we only have our imaginations to work with.

Here’s what I need from this comeback performance. Let me know in the comments if you’re with me!

  1. He plays ’What Do You Mean?’


  2. He pulls an old-school hair flip.

    hair flip

  3. He announces his comeback.


  4. He brings out his celebrity pals.


  5. He introduces us to a new viral dance.


  6. He brings back Johnson.

    Justin Bieber

    Getty Images

    Remember Johnson the Snake, Justin’s date to the 2011 VMAs? Let’s keep him at home this year, or I’ll probably pee from terror.

    If anything, maybe he’ll bring his puppy, Esther, whom has been taking to interviews.

  7. He pours out his soul.


  8. He invites Taylor Swift to dance.

    Even though Taylor and Justin haven’t had the smoothest history — due to his on-and-off dating saga with Taylor BFF Selena Gomez — recently, Justin has been wanting to make nice. Perhaps this tweet back in June was a clue? Plus, they are sitting sort of close to each other during the show.

  9. He teases visuals from his music video.


  10. He goes overboard with his suit.


  11. He leaves us mind-boggled.

    where u