5 Backstage Moments You Missed At The 2014 VMAs

brenna ehrlich, MTV.com
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The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards were packed with so.many.moments and so.much.awesomeness that you’re probably going to have to watch it more than once in order to take it all in (right here!). Well, get this, the main show wasn’t even the half of it — there were also myriad backstage moments that basically blew our brains straight out of Sunday.

From Ariana Grande holding hands with Big Sean to celebs breaking it down in the audience (Jennifer Lopez! Katy Perry! Taylor Swift — of course) to basically every single celeb taking more than a few peeks at their cells, the audience at the VMAs was a cornucopia of amazingness Sunday night. And that’s not even mentioning Iggy and Nicki’s new BFF status and the resplendence that is the Carter Family. Oops, I guess we did mention it… Just now.

You can get a peek at five insider moments below. We’ll just be over here, staring at footage of Blue Ivy with hearts in our eyes.