9 Behind-The-Scenes Kanye Moments You Didn’t See On The VMAs

madeline roth, MTV.com
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So, wild hostess Miley Cyrus was undisputedly the queen of the Video Music Awards — we can all agree on that, right? But every queen needs her king, and in the case of Sunday night, the male monarch who reigned over the festivities was the one and only Kanye West.

The esteemed Video Vanguard Award winner went home with the night’s most legendary prize. If you’re like us, you hung on every last word of his captivating and “bro”-filled acceptance speech, during which he campaigned for artists’ creativity and memorably announced his bid for the presidency (yep, really).

But besides that big moment onstage, Kanye had a ton of other noteworthy (read: GIF-worthy) moments that you probably didn’t see. No worries — we got you covered, so you can see just how epic a night ‘Ye had. Spoiler alert: There was definitely smiling involved. And even dancing. Gasp!
  1. He was genuinely happy for the winners who took the stage before him.


  2. He got turnt for The Weeknd’s flamin’ hot performance.


  3. Like, he really vibed out to The Weeknd.


  4. He smiled a lot (!) and didn’t look nervous at all before taking the stage for his big manifesto.


  5. He bopped along to Nicki Minaj’s party-starting performance.


  6. He hilariously pretended to sleep during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.


  7. And he basically gave Taylor a run for her money as the ultimate award show dancer.


  8. He and his wifey were totally at ease because they’re a true VMA power couple.

  9. Basically, it was Kanye’s night; we were just there to witness.