All Of Britney Spears’s VMA Outfits From Least To Most Midriff-Baring

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Britney Spears is many things. Singer. Dancer. Video Music Awards legend. Queen of abs. Whether she’s dancing on tour, shooting a music video, or walking down the street among civilians, there’s a good chance she’ll be showing her stomach. As much as we associate the singer with her illustrious pop career, we can’t help but think of those abs of steel whenever we hear her name.

In honour of Britney, the VMAs, and her abs, behold her most midriff-baring looks, from most conservative to basically naked.



2011 was a big VMA year for Britney: She won the Video Vanguard award and Best Pop Video for “Till the World Ends,” and was the recipient of a dance tribute performed in her honour. Unfortunately, her midriff was unable to make it that night.



2008 was arguably even bigger for Britney. Coming off of a 2007 performance that received less-than-stellar reviews, Brit came back to win her first ever Moonmen — yes, plural. She brought home three awards for her “Piece of Me” video, which won Best Pop Video, Best Female Video, and Video of the Year. No midriff this year, but who cares!



2000 was Britney’s second time at the VMAs, and while her red carpet look was fairly conservative, she bared a whole lot during her performance.



No midriff in 2002, but that’s fine, because this is truly one of the best VMA outfits that’s ever existed.



Britney made plenty of waves during her performance with Madonna and Christina Aguilera. So many that you may have forgotten what she was wearing (other than that it was white, obvs). Her mini-wedding dress had lace just above the waist, dropping hints of the washboard abs that lay beneath.



Last year, Britney’s glitzy mini-dress had sheer paneling that was just on the midriff. Iconic!



1999 was huge. HUGE. Britney made her VMA debut performing, what else, “…Baby One More Time,” with abs front and centre.



As they were also on the red carpet.



Here we are. Yet another iconic Britney look. This time, the 2001 red carpet, where she wore a sheer, lace dress with just a bralette and boy shorts underneath. Her hair was also perfect.



Greased up, abs out, a python hoisted ever so delicately across her shoulders. Classic Britney at her best.



While Britney’s 2007 performance didn’t show her at her best, she didn’t betray her true self, showing off as much of her abs as she could. A true hero.



And finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for. Her 2000 performance of “Oops I Did It Again.” Britney ripped off a sparkly pinstripe suit to reveal nude, bedazzled pants and bra, revealing almost — almost — everything.

Tune in to the 2016 VMAs, live from New York on Sunday, August 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.