Barbz Have Spoken, And This Is What They Want Nicki Minaj To Wear To The VMAs

adam fleischer,
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When Nicki Minaj makes a request, you respond.

And that’s exactly what fans did after Nicki asked what she should wear to the VMAs. The suggestions were fun, creative and quickly-arriving — and now she’s got a lot to choose from. Some of these are straight forward, some are elaborate and some are a bit more abstract.

Based on her many looks throughout the years, it feels like a safe bet that, no matter what the Young Money Queen rocks, it’s gonna be special.

We’ll find out what she lands on soon enough. But until then, let’s use our imagination.

Head-to-almost-toe suggestions.

Keep it simple.

A shower of compliments.

Red seems to be a theme here.


Guys, she’s not gonna reuse an outfit.

But maybe something inspired by an old one.

Advice for life.

This, too.

Might be difficult.

Amateur hairstylist.

Perfect balance.

A very specific request.

Lil Kim-inspired.

If there’s one thing that’s a MUST, this is it.

This would be different.

Someone’s having trouble deciding.

Not sure the FCC would allow this.