Demi Lovato ‘May Or May Not’ Have A Special Guest During Her VMA Performance

christina garibaldi,
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In just a few short hours Demi Lovato will be making her VMA performance debut.

The singer is set to hit the mainstage for the first time Sunday night (August 30) promising a performance that is not only “memorable,” but also filled with some surprises.

“I’m definitely bringing elements from the [“Cool For The Summer”] music video — I’m bringing elements that aren’t in the music video,” Demi told us. “But it’s definitely going to stay sexy, really fun and may or may not [have] a special guest.”

OMG that totally means a surprise guest. Who could it be?! I have no clue, but if I had to guess I would say Nick Jonas, Iggy Azalea or may be her BF Wilmer Valderrama is making his singing debut? Now that would be epic.

Demi, who is nominated for Song of Summer for her latest single, is no stranger to the VMAs — she did perform “Give Your Heart A Break” during the VMA Pre-Show back in 2012 — but she said that bringing her performance to the big stage is something that she’s not only been dreaming of, but something she’s been working really hard for.

“I honestly was just thinking and trying to do whatever I could to get the VMA spot,” she said. “So I was just training doing whatever I needed to do mentally, physically to prepare for this. … I’m just stoked that I am playing, it’s going to be amazing.”

Demi, who said that she thinks “everyone is so excited” to see what Miley Cyrus has in store as the host of the show, admits that she has been doing her VMA homework, looking at past performances to get some inspiration.

“[I’ll be] taking elements of what I remember from my favorite VMA performances, keeping that in mind, like what did so and so do that I loved,” she said. “So instead of copying or anything like that, I would say, ’That had originality or that was sexy and that was classy.’”

So what tops Demi’s list of top performances? Eminem’s epic “The Real Slim Shady” back in 2000. However, I wouldn’t bet on seeing an army of Demi look-a-likes like Em had, but hey, it’s the VMAs, so you never know.