Every Single Outfit Rihanna Wore To The 2016 Vmas

Maeve Keirans, MTV.com
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Rihanna had to forgo the 2016 Video Music Awards red carpet because she opened the show, but, thankfully, she managed to fit in plenty of #FASHUN for us anyway.

Photo: Getty Images

Rih opened the show in head-to-toe pink, courtesy of Hood By Air. Though there were sleeves attached to her corset — which, by the way, were attached to her pants — she never wore ’em. If you never knew of Rihanna’s love of pale pink before, you do now.

Photo: Getty Images

For her second performance, Rihanna kept a touch of pink in her feather-trimmed bra. Unlike her first look, she wore the sleeves of her shirt and even wore the bottom of the shirt as a hood. She wore fishnets under pants, which just seems like a nightmare to pee in.Photo: Getty Images

When she took the stage for the third time, Rih emerged with new hair — new hair that’s bordering on a mullet. (It wouldn’t be the first time.) She broke out some very large boots and topped everything off with a purple fur stole.

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