Miley Cyrus’ Crazy AF Insta Will Give You Serious FOMO, Probably

crystal bell,
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Miley Cyrus just shut this ish down on the VMAs stage by giving Ellen Degeneres’ Twitter-topping Oscar selfie a run for its A-list squad money.

The 22-year-old is known for posting shocking pics on her Insta, so the VMAs host opened up the big show with a glimpse into her “Instagram Think Tank.” Apparently, she makes the Insta magic happen with a little help from funny guys Andy Samberg and Ike Barinholtz.

From that very professional brainstorm came the most epic Insta of ALL TIME. (Nope. We’re not exaggerating.) Behold, the beauty that is Miley’s super-sized VMAs selfie, complete with Rita Ora literally bathing in a kiddie pool full of spaghetti. (Same.)

Here’s the shot in action:

Miley Cyrus Selfie At VMAs


Of course, that wasn’t even the strangest part of Miley’s colorful opening. Not only did the fearless host pop out of a spinning tie-dyed hole wearing an amazing bedazzled jumpsuit, but she also followed that up instantly iconic entrance with a nod to Justin Bieber’s hair.

“I like your swoop,” she told the Biebs on the VMAs stage. (Tbh, his swoop is pretty effing incredible.

After proclaiming that the VMAs will probably never let her back onstage after tonight’s show, she then turned the attention to her family, who were all in the audience cheering their girl on.

“If it’s anything like Christmas, prepare for a fistfight down in the aisle,” Miley warned. We are SO HERE FOR THAT.

But is Miley referring to a family brawl or her beef with fellow VMAs attendee Nicki Minaj?