Pharrell’s Inspiring ‘Freedom’ Performance Will Make You Let Loose

andres tardio,
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Pharrell Williams just hit the streets with fireworks and an inspiring performance of “Freedom.”

The singer/producer’s 2015 VMA set wasn’t just a performance. Backed by dancers, Skateboard P took the stage and made sure his presence was felt with an empowering speech, too.

“We come to let loose. We come to dance. They try to put us in a box. They try to categorize us,” he said during his performance. “But we say, ’No more.’ Tonight, we change things. We will express ourselves and have a good time and let all that go.”

The song itself is enough to move you. “Mind, use your power,” he sings on the uplifting joint. “Spirit, use your wings.”

Fans definitely felt Pharrell’s message.

Thanks for another motivational anthem, P.