Taylor Swift Is Totally Pantsless At The VMAs

casey lewis, MTV.com
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After Taylor Swift dropped her music video for “Shake It Off” last week, everyone sort of knew to expect the unexpected tonight. But nothing would have prepared us for an alphabet-printed number she’s wearing at the 2014 Video Music Awards.

Taylor SwiftPhoto: Getty Images

To say the Mary Katrantzou playsuit/bodysuit/leotard situation is short would be the understatement of the century. It actually couldn’t be any shorter. Just not possible, nope! Even Miley Cyrus wouldn’t physically be able to wear something even shorter (Related: We live in a reality in which Miley Cyrus wore more fabric than Taylor Swift. Let that sink in for a sec.)

Taylor SwiftPhoto: Getty Images

Soak that up for a minute, will ya?

Are you good now?

K, I’ll continue.

Her face was flawless, too, duh. Matching eye makeup to your outfit is a bold move, but Tay made it look awesome (maybe because turquoise eye liner is never not awesome, [NOTE TO SELF]).

Taylor SwiftPhoto: Getty Images

One more, you’re welcome. ~Workin’~ it.

Taylor SwiftPhoto: Getty Images


Legs. BYE.