The Cast Of ‘Laguna Beach’ At Their First VMAs Are A Perfect Snapshot Of 2005 Fashion

maeve keirans,
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Before Lauren Conrad was on The Hills, the designer behind multiple clothing labels, or even an intern at Teen Vogue, she was, as you probably know, a cast member on Laguna Beach. In 2005—yes, the same year Rihanna made her debut—the cast attended the VMAs together and, um, the photos are truly remarkable.

Kristin Cavallari

Stephen Colletti

Casey Reinhardt

Casey, aka the new girl, showed off her beautiful—I mean, DANG—white teeth.
Laguna Beach

The entire cast—have you ever seen a crew roll this deep? I don’t think I have, TBH—posed together on the carpet. The craziest thing about these photos, IMHO, is that Lauren is only featured in group shots and, even weirder, almost totally hidden in the back.

Just in case you weren’t totally convinced a lot can happen in a year, at the 2006 VMAs she was basking in the success of The Hills—her Laguna Beach spinoff—she posed alongside Heidi Montag, so, yeah, the VMAs are the perfect venue to show how far you’ve come.