Watch The Entire 2015 VMAs In 60 Seconds

josh wigler,
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So, you missed the 2015 VMAs, did you? Well, two things:

(1) How dare you?

(2) I guess I understand, life gets in the way and all that. Plus, good news! We’re about to catch you up on everything you missed.

You didn’t see Justin Bieber cry on stage? We got you covered. Missed out on the big beef between Nicki and Miley? We’re on it. How about Kanye West announcing that he’s running for President in 2020? Yeah, you probably heard about that by now, but if you haven’t, look no further.

In other words, here is all of the insanity that happened at this year’s VMAs, in one conveniently located 60-second video:

See you next year indeed!